Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Was reading some posts by normal church members in Hillsong, and one of it encouraged me alot as it hit me like a fireball from heaven! Haha I could be considered a man with troubled mind, and sometimes even troubled acts in certain stages of life. Till some time, I would think to myself, What could God possibly get out of me?? I have nothing left to give! And I am that kind of person, that hungers to be used by Him. As I read the thoughts of this sister in Christ, I found myself awed and baffled by God's grace and mercy. Because i realized in every season God was with me! Jesus never failed making me something in anywhere.

There will be many seasons in one's life, no matter you are a deacon, a pastor,a commander, a committee or even a normal church member attending church. Many a times, when I'm in trouble or caught in a mess, I wonder,
Could I be used by Him at my situation?? And it blows my mind to know that it doesn't take perfection to be used by God! How refreshing and liberating! Meaning, even if I'm on a verge of falling into a pot-hole, I can STILL be used by God?? Definitely YES! In fact, God delights in using normal, broken people... to reach normal broken people!

To God no season is unimportant, so keep your eyes, ears, minds and hearts open and soft always.
He can only use You, only if You let Him. :-)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man Boobs

Found this funny picture. hahaha Lop sided is sooooooo weird~ :-D

Anyway, I came to a realization about how foolish and blind I was. Truly I was and still is fool who thinks with my dick rather than my head. Sighs...

Thank YOU God for knocking some sense into me and literally sometimes, my balls...(by Looi)
Feel like a fool now, but I am super duper blubber glad!!! Cause now I see how you could have spoiled my life. :-)


something real special's coming up

Monday, July 19, 2010


YOU were near
Though I was distant
Disillusioned I was
Lost and insecure

Still mercy fought
You were waiting at the door
Then I let You in

Trading Your life
For my offenses
For my redemption
You carried all the blame

Breaking the curse
Of our condition
PERFECTION took our place

When only LOVE could make a way
You gave Your life in a Beautiful Exchange

When only LOVE could break these chains
You gave Your life in a Beautiful Exchange

My burden erased
My life forgiven
There is NOTHING that could take this LOVE away
And my only desire and sole ambition
Is to love You just the same

Holy are you God
Holy is Your Name
With everything I’ve got

My heart will sing how I love You

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey guys, :-) guess what!!? SPAIN WON!!!!! ROAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >8-D HAHAHA Fantastic header by Puyoh, was SO expecting Villa to score, but oh well, everyday isn't Sunday~ I'm STILL gonna buy David Villa's jersey!! Haha :-D
-The German supporter-
Hahaha Louis looks like Cyclops in this picture. :-D Kinda hilarious though.
-The Spaniard supporter-
And I of course, a faithful supporter of SPAIN!!!! HAHA and DAVID VILLA!! :-D Though he missed the first close, VERY VERY close goal, still I love this guy~ Love his plays. haha :-)
Gosh! Was so happy Puyoh scored that goal~ It was a good game though, tough competition and both great powers in football. With their counter attacks by the Germans and awesome attack speed from the Spaniards. ONE AWESOME GAME. :-)

Garlic flavored peanut brought from home... Garlic flavored... Garlic flavored... Have you seen any flavored peanut..? It tasted kinda good though. haha :-)
Anyway, going for class in awhile. So till here!! Ciaoz!!! :-D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Suddenly in the midst of all my books, I found this pledge that I took early this year. Kinda flipped back and read it all over again.
How have I failed to uphold this pledge so many times. How have I found myself drowned in unwillingness to love those lost sheep, who've God ever so graciously placed in the palm of my hand. How have I tripped and fall into sin, discouraging many and have not forgiven much. How have I found God's work to be a burden, and complaining most of the time, to fellow brothers and even God Himself.How have I always forgotten the faithfulness of His love, and from my shoulders, Jesus took my sins upon His shoulders. How have I lose hope and doubted His sovereignty.

Forgive me O LORD, for Your foolish son had once again strayed from Your love.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ever since camp, there's been these two whacked out dudes.
And though annoying and noisy at times like the picture, just loooovee to mess things up. haha
But I thank God for their presence in my life, for their laughter, a helping hand, comforting noise, never judging eyes, and their ever popping out from no where routine. HAHA

Woon Han and Ah Hong
Thanks guys.

This is soooooooooooooooooo cheesy....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My God, My God,
WHY have You forsaken me?
WHY are You SO FAR from saving me?
SO FAR from the words of my groaning?

My God
I cry out by day but You
DO NOT answer,
by night but I find NO REST.
Yet You are enthroned as the HOLY ONE.
You are the PRAISE of Israel,
in You our ancestors put their TRUST,
They TRUSTED and You DELIVERED them.

They CRIED to You,
and were SAVED.
In You they trusted and were not disappointed.

But I
am a WORM,
NOT a human being.
I'm SCORNED by everyone, DESPISED by people, ALL who see me MOCK ME,
they hurl insults shaking their heads.
''He trusts in the LORD'' they say,
''Let the LORD rescue him''
''Let Him deliver him since he delights in Him.''
Yet You brought me out of the womb,
You made me feel secure on my mother's breasts.

From birth I was
from my mother's womb,
You've been MY GOD.
DO NOT be FAR from me for TROUBLE is NEAR,
and there is NO ONE to HELP.
From You comes the THEME of MY PRAISE,
in the great assembly before those who FEAR You,
The poor WILL EAT and be SATISFIED.
Those who SEEK the LORD,
May Your hearts LIVE FOREVER.